Jake Buckley

Jake Buckley makes music full of the kind of heart that can only be conjured by a true hopeless romantic. His songs are rich with wry observations, bittersweet epiphanies, and sincere declarations that attempt to unravel the victories, defeats, and unseen twists of fate that we all face in our journey through life.
  As a songwriter and performer Jakes creative voice is unmistakeable. Delivered with a warm and tender vocal that deftly walks the line between vulnerability and confidence, and layered with majestic harmonies that accompany melodies and counter melodies that soar. All wrapped around lyrics full of wit, pathos and poetry, informed by hard earned wisdom, and spun from the lips and fingers of a true musician that has spent his life earning a crust by singing for his supper.

“ This feels like the right time for me to really explore myself as a solo artist. I’ve slung axe in many bands and enjoyed writing songs and producing in all sorts of forms and genres, but I’ve arrived at a point of clarity in my life where I know now is the time to lay all my cards on the table and become what I was always meant to be. This is what that sounds like.”

~ Jake Buckley
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